Max & His Best Friends

Okay, so I have a slight obsession with my puppy max. He loves to pose for photos–perhaps that is because the camera has been in his face since I got him! (His modeling career began at 3 weeks)

Capturing the sweet faces of dogs, horses, and many other animals has always been a huge passion of mine–there is nothing better than an adorable picture of your pet! Along with capturing those silly images of Max, I am constantly bringing my camera to the barn to catch the horses in action. Enjoy!


About marycumbeephotography

Hi! I’m Mary Cumbee. I am a soon to be graduate from the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga and a long time Brentwood, TN resident. Through the years, I have grown to love the art of photography. There is nothing sweeter than capturing those precious moments in life with a photograph Beginning just last year, I have been afforded the opportunity to shoot some fantastic subjects, refining my skills as a photographer. I love lifestyle photography—families, brides, engagments, weddings, kids, events—anything you like! E-mail me for pricing and/or information. Can’t wait to hear from you soon!
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